16 Jul 2018

Farm Safety Week 2018 #FarmSafetyWeek

It's Farm Safety Week

Agriculture represents about 1.4% of the UK's workforce, however shockingly accounts for approximately 20% of all workplace fatalities*

Last year there were 29 fatalities to workers in agriculture. That's 29 too many. Despite more awareness around farm safety, farmers of all ages are still taking risks when working and this has to stop. People are losing their lives in incidents that in many cases could have been avoided.

In support of Farm Safety Week 2018, we're offering an automatic 10% discount this week only on our tractor checklists and kits.

The Good to Go Safety Tractor Checklist helps ensure that tractors are well maintained and regularly checked, proving invaluable in the event of an HSE inspection following an accident. The checks may also help reduce the risk of an accident occurring in the first place, as possible defects are highlighted and repairs carried out before they deteriorate further. To find out more about the range visit Good to Go Safety or watch our 1 minute video below.

To find out more about Farm Safety Week and how to get involved click here

*Agriculture represents about 1.4 percent of the workforce across the UK but astonishingly accounts for up to 20 percent of all reported work-related fatalities in Great Britain. And even though we still have one of the lowest rates of workplace deaths in Europe, one death is still one too many and we don’t want to see our farmers become a farming fatality statistic,” said FUW education and training committee chairman Alun Edwards - click here to read more.

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