27 Jun 2018

How to be a leader in product development

The video above is like looking in a mirror. I don't mean the dance moves (trust me, no one wants to see those) but more the hard work and self-belief it takes to get noticed in the world of product development - especially in the world of workplace safety.

When we first launched Good to Go Safety back in 2009 (yes we've been around that long) we knew we had something special and were determined to make a song and dance about it, strutting our funky stuff to anyone that would listen (and more often than not, to those that didn't want to listen). The first few years of trading saw us get one or two to appreciate what we could offer but we didn't get the expected uptake we knew our product deserved.

It would have been easy to have second thoughts and question if we had been mistaken in our beliefs; maybe we weren't ready to be a major player in the safety market? Maybe our "moves" weren't as good as we thought? Maybe we should downsize our ambitions?

The guy in the video clearly never questioned his own ability, he knows what he's got and he knows how to shake it. We were made of the same strong stuff and despite a few knock backs and one or two false dawns we have done a great deal to bring Good to Go Safety to market. It's one thing having a great product and it's one thing showing people what it is - over the years we've networked at top UK safety events/exhibitions, we've redeveloped our website three times, improving the look and functionality on each occasion, we've advertised in trade magazines, we've researched the murky world of SEO and we've banged our drum on social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube) until we are blue in the face; Each and every one of these steps has helped us to develop a strong and healthy following. We've redesigned the product and developed new checklists (essentially throwing in a few new moves to try and find the magic combination).

Like the guy in the video, we won't give up. That persistence and self-belief does eventually pay off. As our reputation grows, so do our followers and our customer base. It is the very definition of the snowball effect, the more awareness you can raise, the more you are deemed as acceptable and the more people want to join your party.

Word of mouth, testimonials and referrals from existing customers combined with quality of product and service all help to ensure repeat business and retained customers. Getting those first few to join in is tough, but keep at it and before you know it you won't be seen as that 'odd little guy' dancing on his own. Nope, you'll be considered a market leader, an innovator, someone that people want to join and follow, someone that can inspire others to follow suit. Yes it's hard work, but knowing that we are providing something into the industry that can improve our customer's safety, reduce their maintenance costs and ensure they comply with legislation brings us as much pleasure as throwing your hands in the air, like you just don't care.

The moral of the story is that having a great product is one thing, but reaching the end goal may take a little longer than you first envisage. But stick with it; it's worth it in the long run!

a journey to leadership

Don't forget to watch the full video (available here) to fully understand the moral of the story. Go on, join the party :-)

We've recently reached the fantastic milestone of selling over 2MILLION checklists. Join us on our journey by visiting our Website or following us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Youtube.

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