22 Sep 2014

Fatalities after MEWP accident.


Two workers have died, and another worker is injured after an industrial accident Friday afternoon in Edmond.

Edmond’s Jenny Monroe confirms that the two men who died are Daniel Birney, 54, and his brother Michael Birney, 56.

Officials say a 21-year-old also suffered injuries during this incident. They say he was treated in a hospital for a broken arm.

The accident happened near 6th and Fretz after 1 p.m. Friday at the Old Towne Lofts townhouses.

Edmond rescue crews say three workers were working on the second floor of the complex when it tipped over.

Two workers were on the platform, one was on the cab of the lift.

Police say they will talk with the driver of the lift to see if he knows why it fell.


It is essential that the correct type of equipment is used to ensure that work can be carried out safely; detailed documentation should be supplied with the MEWP (also referred to as a cherry picker or scissor lift) and referred to for specific information. MEWPS have become an essential choice of equipment for short term work at height activities to maximise user safety.

Accidents involving MEWPs can have serious cost and programme implications for the site involved. Worst case scenarios may lead to serious injuries and even death. Operators should carry out daily pre-use checks and weekly inspections to maximise safety.

Our Good To Go Safety™ system can be used on multiple applications, including cherry pickers, telescopic booms and scissor lifts – offering one simple solution.

Helps compliance with PUWER, LOLER, WAHR, CDM, IPAF & HSE legislation and best practice. The highly visible tag can be positioned by the point of entry to remind operatives to carry out the MEWP pre-use checks and to advise of the findings. The checklist is used to carry out essential visual checks of the MEWP to help highlight any potential issues and to identify when it is good to go. These essential checks can be used in conjunction with the MEWP manufacturer’s manual.

IPAF recommends the MEWP should be inspected both before and after use to ensure it is safe, complete, working properly and clean. The guidelines and checklists supplied by Good To Go Safety™ are a perfect supplement to the instructions and training already given to operatives. If a safety problem is identified, or any uncertainties are raised with the MEWP checklist, the status display should be immediately updated to DO NOT USE whilst advice is sought from the site manager, supervisor or safety officer.

To avoid devastating accidents, read more about the Good to Go Safety systems by clicking here or you can Download the Good to Go Brochure

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