30 Jun 2014

Police may charge company for fleet driver's death.

Police are considering charging a northern Adelaide transport company with negligent manslaughter over the death of one of its drivers, according to a report by Australia's ABC

The driver died after his truck slammed into a pole in Main South Road at Happy Valley on March 7, according to the report.

Detective Acting Superintendent Greg Hutchins told ABC.net.au police have declared the death a major crime. "It will be alleged that brake failure was the cause of this accident. If you deliberately fail to maintain vehicle standards and an employee or an innocent member of the public was to die we will rigorously investigate and, if at all possible, lay criminal charges." he said.

According to the report, police believe the truck hit a pole as the driver tried to avoid a traffic build-up. An investigation is in progress to see if there is enough evidence in order to charge the company with negligent manslaughter and other criminal charges. After the accident, police defected 11 of the company's trucks and searched the company's premises.

Road Transport Association executive director Steve Shearer said "police should use the full force of the law to ensure companies maintain safe fleets."

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