22 Apr 2014

The Universal Status Tag

Our patented safety system can be used on a wide range of applications, such as:

Forklifts       Scaffolding     Ladders
Racking       Vehicles          Pallet Trucks
Harness       MEWP             Plus many more

The Good to Go Safety Status tag is manufactured from polypropylene. A tough, durable, weather resistant material which has been coloured yellow in order to make it highly visible to users.

The channelled base allows the tag to sit flush to rounded surfaces such as scaffolding tubes and the pre-drilled holes enable you to fit the status tag to all types of equipment, quickly and effectively using a choice of screws, cable ties, adhesive, rivets etc.

A universal tag enables your employees to become accustomed to the system - having just one universal tag for all types of equipment eliminates the hassle of stocking multiple tags and the potential for employee confusion.

Click here to read more about the Good to Go Safety System.

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