13 Oct 2011

Vehicle checks advice from ROSPA

I came across this video from ROSPA which I thought might be useful to our regular readers. It provides useful advice to drivers including how to check your tyre pressure, look for wear and tear and to top up the various fluids in your car. This can help you to save money, inconvenience and above all keep you safe on the roads. With the winter weather just around the corner, hopefully it will prove a useful reminder to us all of what we should be doing to stay safe on the roads.

In addition to this advice you may be interested to know that Good to Go Safety have recently launched a checklist for fleet vehicles which can be integrated into your fleet maintenance program to ensure drivers carry out their pre-use inspections before getting behind the wheel. 

It includes a comprehensive list of checks, covering all things mentioned in the ROSPA video and one or two more. As always, a duplicate copy of each completed checklist is created for management records which can be collected on a weekly basis to meet your management requirements.

You can find more information on our website at http://www.goodtogosafety.co.uk or visit our digital on-line catalogue at http://www.goodtogosafetydigital.html

For more information and safe driving advice why not visit http://www.rospa.com for a wide range of useful tips and free resources.

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