25 Nov 2010

Government guidance on clearing snow and ice

OK so this blog is a little off the beaten track for me, with no relevance to workplace equipment safety, however I'm sure there are plenty of health & safety guys out there dreading the snow and ice that has appeared overnight and looks set to continue into next week.

The following link takes you to the DirectGov website and provides some useful tips and advice regarding your rights and responsibilities on clearing snow and ice from public areas. The basic synopsis is that you should not be afraid of getting sued by someone if they slip on a pathway that you have cleared, so long as you have not made conditions worse (ie by clearing the snow with water rather than salt, which has subsequently frozen to create a skating rink).

It all seems pretty obvious to me, but then again I consider myself to have a certain amount of common sense, which appears to be in short supply in this day and age. Hope it helps, and if you do have snow where you are drive carefully.

Good to Go Safety should have some news shortly regarding a new addition to our equipment inspection, check back soon for more information.

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