24 Jun 2010

Significant reductions in forklift truck injuries

Good to Go Safety continue to see significant sales in their forklift inspection systems. Proving popular due to its ease of use and implementation, affordability, flexibility and visual impact it is the ideal solution for pre-use inspections of FLTs.

Latest HSE statistics show that fork lift truck related deaths and injuries among members of the public in the UK plummeted to 59% below average last year. We have seen a downwards trend since 2008 and figures are now at their lowest since the turn of the millenium, 13% below that in 2001/02. In deed last year's overall accident toll was down a full quarter from the average annual figure.

There are various possible reasons for this reduction; the downturn in the economy may have resulted in decreased workloads and potential for accidents, the FLTA have heavily promoted their National Safety Week and we hope that the introduction of our Good to Go Safety inspection system for forklifts has also contributed.

The decision to complete a daily visual inspection of a forklift truck as part of a maintenance programme helps meet your responsibilities under PUWER and can help to identify potential problems early enough to prevent an accident and/or costly repairs. The visual tagging of the forklift ensures that everyone knows when the forklift was inspected and clearly informs employees when it is 'good to go'.

For all the latest information on our range of equipment inspection systems please visit our website at www.goodtogosafety.co.uk and help to keep these figures dropping further.

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