22 Jun 2010

Good to Go Safety backs European maintenance campaign

Good to Go Safety are proud to support a major European campaign which focuses on maintenance in the workplace. 

The HSE in partnership with the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA), the EEF and the TUC, launched the UK's involvement in the Healthy Workplaces European Campaign on Safe Maintenance in London on 21 June 2010.

The Healthy Workplaces Europe-wide Campaign for 2010-2011 aims to promote safe and healthy workplaces by encouraging an integrated and structured approach to maintenance.

Objectives of the campaign are to raise awareness of:
  • the importance of maintenance for workers' safety & health
  • the risks associated with maintenance
  • employers' legal & moral duties to consider OSH aspects in maintenance and of the business case for doing so
  • to promote a structured approach to OSH management in maintenance

Regular and proper maintenance is essential to keep equipment, machines and the work environment safe and reliable. It helps to eliminate workplace hazards. Lack of maintenance or inadequate maintenance can lead to dangerous situations, accidents and health problems.
  • Many accidents, such as slips, trips and falls, happen because of lack of maintenance or as a result of poor quality maintenance
  • Lack of maintenance and regular service of construction equipment and machinery may lead to their failure and cause injuries to the operators and other workers (e.g. defective forklifts, scissor lifts, harnesses, faulty ladders, etc.)
  • Safety critical equipment can fail due to lack of maintenance causing serious accidents

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We developed the Good to Go Safety range to help promote the safe maintenance of equipment at work through the use of our innovative SEMS (Safe equipment Management System). Our equipment tagging and checklists help to ensure a proactive approach to equipment maintenance, allowing potential problems to be spotted early and prevent longer term problems.

Good to Go Safety encourages the involvement of workers in risk assessment and the maintenance management process whilst providing a structured and integrated system with clearly defined guidelines.

Not only does it encourage routine inspections but the unique tagging system visually informs all employees of the findings. The tag will inform employees when the inspection was carried out and when the equipment is 'good to go'. Likewise if a fault is found the tag will clearly inform employees 'do not use', effectively placing the equipment in quarantine until such time that it is repaired.

To find out more about Good to Go Safety and the range of equipment checks available please visit our website at www.goodtogosafety.co.uk for more information.

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