10 Mar 2010

Safety inspections for Hartlepool industrial estates

Hartlepool Council and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have joined forces in a bid to improve health and safety on local industrial estates.

Local authority and HSE inspectors are working together as they target industrial estates on the issue of health and safety - raising awareness, promoting sensible management and improving standards in those businesses visited. Enforcement will be taken where standards fail to meet legal requirements.

The team will be carrying out a series of inspections at sites throughout Hartlepool over a two-week period starting from Monday 8th March 2010.

The inspections will focus on several key topics including how risks relating to asbestos on the premises are being managed; how workplace transport is controlled and safety when working at height.

Inspectors are also keen to encourage and find out how employers are promoting health and safety through active leadership from management and involving staff in achieving ideal working conditions.

Jane Kett, Principal Environmental Health Officer at Hartlepool Borough Council, said:
"We'll be looking to ensure that companies are taking the necessary steps to identify and minimise the risks to help ensure a safer workplace for all."

HSE's Jonathan Wills added:
"During our inspections we'll also be identifying where ladders are being used and ensuring they're safe. Where 'dodgy' ladders are identified we will take appropriate enforcement action, which may include prohibiting their use. In 2008/09 a total of 35 workers died and more than 4,000 employees suffered major injuries as a result of a fall from height in workplaces across the UK."

"We're also keen to see how local employers are promoting health and safety through active leadership from managers and by involving staff. This is something we're keen to encourage as evidence shows that businesses with good workforce involvement perform better in terms of health and safety measures and also generally enjoy better productivity and higher levels of workforce motivation."

HSE and local authority inspectors both enforce health and safety law in workplaces. Broadly, local authority inspectors have responsibility for those providing leisure services or retail while HSE inspectors enforce appropriate health and safety legislation in other areas such as manufacturing, agriculture, waste and recycling and major hazard industries.

HSE Transcript Source: NE/090/10
(Reproduced under the terms of the Click-Use Licence).

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