15 Jan 2010

A new year, the same concerns

The need for scaffold inspections is well documented on this blog but still people continue to take risks and endanger lives in the process. The training of employees in the safe use of scaffolding should be an obvious requirement. Aid this with a structural inspection prior to using the scaffold and incidents such as the one highlighted by the HSE below can be avoided. The Good to Go Safety inspection system could provide a daily inspection for a full year for as little £80. A small price to pay when compared to the fines encountered below (never mind the cost of bad publicity). For more information on Good to Go Safety please click on the links to the right.

Builder fined for using dangerous scaffolding
A Driffield builder whose negligence put his employees and sub-contractors at risk was today (7 January) fined £8,000 and ordered to pay £2,244 costs for using unsafe scaffolding.

Angus William Naylor pleaded guilty to breaching Regulation 6(3) of the Work at Height Regulations 2005 at Bridlington Magistrates Court. Mr Naylor, of Main Street, Driffield is a partner in the firm trading as WM E Naylor & Son.

The court heard that during a routine inspection in Driffield on 29 April 2009, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) witnessed people working on scaffolding that was unsafe and posed a risk of serious, if not fatal, injuries.

An investigation revealed that between 2 April and 29 April employees working at the new housing build off Sylvan Lea were put at risk of falls of up to 5 metres. The internal and external scaffolding was poorly erected and there was no edge protection in place.

Following the hearing HSE Inspector, Geoffrey Clark commented:

"Falls from height remain the largest cause of fatal and serious injuries in the construction industry. The scaffolding at the Sylvan Lea construction site was dangerous and people should not have been allowed to use it.

"The risks of working at height, and the measures required to avert these risks, particularly with scaffolding, are well documented. We hope today's prosecution serves as a reminder to all companies using scaffolding that they need to ensure that it is erected by trained and competent persons, and that it is fit for purpose."

Transcript Source: http://www.hse.gov.uk/press/2010/coi-yh-00310.htm
(Reproduced under the terms of the Click-Use Licence).

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