20 Aug 2009

Forklift Safety Week

Britain's second National Fork Lift Safety Week takes place between 21st to 27th September this month. This national awareness campaign was introduced due to unacceptably high accident tolls. British workers are killed or hospitalised by fork lift trucks at a rate of over one per day, with more people killed in the month of September than at any other time of the year.

Pedestrians & Operators: Look out for each other!

This year's campaign tagline is aimed as much at colleagues and visitors, as the fork lift truck operators themselves. As many as two thirds of those seriously injured in forklift accidents are pedestrians; warehouse workers, members of the public and delivery drivers.

"Look out for each other" advises:

Operators to take extra care when pedestrians are around. Pedestrians may not know your warehouse rules, and might assume they have right of way.

Pedestrians to be aware of fork lift trucks and not to assume the driver can see them. Pedestrains need educating that forklifts often have blind spots and they should make allowance for potential mistakes.

Product Focus: Forklift Inspections
Since the launch of Good to Go Safety amongst our most popular products have been our Forklift Intro Kits and Forklift Annual Kits.

Industry guidelines recommend that a forklift truck should undergo a daily inspection to ensure that it is 'good to go'. Our research tells us that often a checklist is kept on the truck, often under the seat, and all too often simply forgotten about until such time that an audit is due. The feedback we have received suggests that the checklists are then simply backdated and falsified to avoid recrimination.

Good to Go Safety has been designed to maximise visibility of inspections. Our patented status tag clearly informs drivers 'DO NOT USE' if an inspection has not been carried out.

Our checkbooks provide 25 individual checklists, each of which includes a carbon copy of a completed inspection for future reference. Each book also provides the operative with a list of guidelines as to what they should be looking for.

Once completed, the checklist is placed inside the status tag to clearly indicate that the forklift is 'GOOD TO GO' and clearly shows the date of validity. The system is particularly beneficial for multiple users of the same truck, providing a clear visual confirmation that the truck has been inspected (rather than assuming it has been).

The Forklift Intro Kit provides all you need for 50 inspections (a weekly inspection for an entire year). The Forklift Annual Kit provides 275 inspections (a daily inspection for an entire year, based on a 5-day working week).


  1. I have seen too many people injured and even killed working with unsafe car equipment. It seems to be all about the bottom dollar to most manufacturers which is why you have to be very careful when purchasing new machinery like the bucket trucks.

  2. We produce similar inspections for bucket trucks too - classed as MEWPs (scissor lifts, cherry pickers etc) in the UK. You can check out details on these too at http://www.goodtogosafety.co.uk/mewp.php although Good to Go Safety products are currently available in the UK.


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