19 Jun 2009

Workplace Safety - Making sure your equipment is always Good to Go!

Good to Go Safety successfully launched its range of equipment tagging products at the recent Safety & Health Expo. The level of interest was overwhelming, with visitors impressed by the versatility and ease-of-use of this innovative new product range, perfect for forklift inspections, ladder inspections, scaffold checks and many more applications.

Good to Go Safety™ helps to prevent accidents in the workplace; complies with legislation and best practice; provides a chronological record of all inspections; quarantines faulty equipment; reduces maintenance costs and empowers employees. Offering the ultimate in Safe Equipment Management Systems (SEMS), it provides essential pre-use equipment checks to maximise workplace safety.

The SEMS consists of three key components: A status pod is attached to the relevant piece of equipment and visually informs workers of its current status; a safety check book enables them to carry out a comprehensive inspection; and a tamper evident seal guarantees the validity of the completed checklist.

The system provides a duplicate copy of all inspections, retained for future reference. A wide range of applications have been targeted, including ladders, fork lift trucks, scaffold towers, fixed scaffolding, pallet racking, MEWPs and even bespoke equipment checks.

Each check book includes guidelines, educating employees what they need to inspect prior to using their equipment. We consider our range of SEMS to be an invaluable tool for warehouse and facility managers, providing an affordable solution to workplace safety.

For more information visit our website at http://www.goodtogosafety.co.uk


  1. Anybody with an interest in health and safety should join this group, I'm looking to discuss all things involving safe use of equipment at work in our attempts to improve safety at work.

  2. Interesting stuff, the list of potentail applications must be endless?

  3. Looks a good idea, how expensive are they?

  4. Cheap as chips, sosts aroung £0.26 - £0.30 per inspection. For a safe workplace, peace of mind and a highly effective system it is money well spent.


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