18 Feb 2019

The Importance of Shift Handovers

Imagine if a fault was found by a member of staff when using an item of workplace equipment. They make a note to raise the concern to the following shift worker, however in the rush to get home they forget to relay the information, resulting in a costly accident.

What if you could ensure all workplace equipment is inspected and the findings of those inspections are instantly available to all members of staff and your maintenance/management team?

Our products encourage pre-use inspections of workplace equipment. The systems we've developed are highly flexible to meet the demands of all industries.

By introducing a visual check of equipment before the start of each shift, it eradicates the assumption that the equipment is safe and has already been checked because it had been used by the previous shift worker. It places a responsibility on every employee to carry out inspections and take some responsibility for their own safety. By carrying out hand-over checks whilst both the incoming and outgoing workers are ‘crossing over’ it further strengthens the opportunity to raise any issues or concerns that may have been noted.

Our tagging and checklist systems can help to improve safety, reduce maintenance costs and comply with PUWER / LOLER obligations.

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