4 Jan 2019


Good to Go Safety has went digital by providing our customers with a new app TakeAIM

We are offering a FREE 7 Day Trial package to anyone who signs up – simply register your details at takeaim.goodtogosafety.co.uk/register download the app on either the Apple APP store or on Google Play and discover the many features and benefits that TakeAIM can provide.

TakeAIM is an auditing, equipment inspection and maintenance app used to help companies manage workplace equipment. Combined with the analysis website, TakeAIM provides visibility and insights to help reduce maintenance down time and improve safety. Your team can inspect all assets, identify quarantined equipment and communicate issues directly to their head office. Helping managers analyse equipment and spot re-occurring issues to help resolve them before they happen in the future.

What does TakeAIM offer?

This digital inspection system monitors maintenance and inspections in real-time, you can set reminders and have access to all records without the need for paperwork.

The app offers access to an unlimited number of users and assets, and you can even create additional equipment checklists quickly and easily if you can’t find the one you need.

Assign QR Codes & Scan Equipment by creating an asset register.

Make your inspections even quicker and easier to complete by assigning QR Codes to pieces of equipment. Once assigned, your inspectors can simply scan the QR Code which will then take them directly to the correct inspection checklist and record the findings.

TakeAIM allows photos and notes to be added during the inspection, and time/date stamps document the inspection process. Upon sign-off the completed checklist is automatically sent to your admin where the findings will be used to generate reports and analysed to identify common faults and trends over time.

Click here to find out more or watch the short video below

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