19 Mar 2018

Warehouse Management

To keep a warehouse running smoothly and efficiently, you should ensure equipment is in good repair and highlight equipment status.

Too many employees are injured following an accident in a warehouse or factory. Asking employees to conduct pre-use checks before using equipment is not only a smart and responsible policy to enforce, but is also required by law.

There are many YouTube videos of racking collapses, forklift accidents, pallet truck accidents. These show how quickly an accident can happen. In the blink of an eye. The carnage that's left behind is truly shocking.

Imagine if a fault was noted by a operative as he nears the end of his shift. In his eagerness to get home he forgets to relay the information, resulting in an accident.

The system is totally flexible to meet the needs of the company - allowing the frequency of inspection to be defined by your risk assessment - in a busy, high traffic warehouse the frequency of racking inspection may be higher than in a smaller pedestrianised warehouse. Whether it be daily, weekly, monthly or ad-hoc the system adapts to meet your requirements. Ensuring equipment is in good order shouldn't be ignored


  1. Good point. We should keep our equipment fit and healthy.

    Ideas For Warehouse Organization You Can Implement Now

  2. Thanks Kevin - I liked your post too. Note any weblinks are automatically blocked so it doesn't show in your comment - but I'm happy to include it here due to its relevance to our original article and that it might help others https://emergeapp.net/warehouse/warehouse-organization-ideas/


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