17 Jan 2018

UK prepares for -7C Blast and 80mph Gales

Severe weather warnings in place as snow and 'life threatening' winds wreak havoc across the United Kingdom

Driving is a dangerous enough working activity (around 20 deaths are reported each week involving vehicles used for work in the UK) without adding snow, ice and extreme wind.

Vision being obscured due to lack of screen wash or faulty wipers can play a major role in an accident. Suddenly even the safest driver can be in a life-or-death situation.

In addition to devastating human loss, car crashes present a significant cost in lost wages, productivity, medical & administrative expenses and property damage.

With bad weather expected across the UK over the next few days we’d like to remind you to ensure that all vehicles are in good working order prior to use

Recent changes in legislation mean that employers failing to carry out their duty of care could lead to criminal prosecutions against them under the Corporate Manslaughter Act 2008 if an employee dies in a work-related road-traffic accident.

Given what’s on the line, asking employees to conduct pre-use checks before using vehicles for work is a smart and responsible policy to enforce. With our easy-to-use walk-through checklist it only takes a short time to ensure that a vehicle is safe to operate. Not only will it provide protection for the company and driver, but it also reinforces a strong safety awareness message at management level.

Ensuring vehicles are in good order shouldn't be ignored. Make sure you and your team are Good to Go

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