12 Oct 2017

Customer Quote

A perfect example of a visual system, the green or red slips are easily noticeable and enables the operators to quickly see if the machine is Good To Go. The whole factory works on a traffic lights system, so the GTG package compliments this.

The Checklist in the GTG booklet is easy to understand and can be filled in and checked in minutes. The box that the booklets come in is also an excellent way to store the old books. Before we implemented the GTG system, we had an old folder that was covered in residue with all the daily sheets in. Some days the equipment wasn’t even checked.

Now we have the GTG system in place, it’s guaranteed that the checks are carried out by the operators.

The aim of our products is to help companies improve workplace safety, reduce maintenance costs and comply with legislation. Receiving testimonials and accolades like these confirms that we are indeed making a difference and being successful in our quest to create a safer workplace.

Good to Go Safety offers a simple, effective and affordable solution to forklift safety and provides a flexible solution which can be adapted to meet your company requirements. The system has three main parts, a Tag, Check Book and Tamper Evident Seal. For more information please follow the link above to watch our short video or alternatively visit our website Good to Go Safety
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