5 Apr 2017

Lucky Construction Worker saved by...

Onlookers watched heart-stopping moment a construction worker plunged from a 8-metre high wall after scaffolding collapsed.

Incredibly, the man was saved from serious injury after being caught with bare hands by a martial arts coach who used to work as a stunt double for Jet Li.

The worker was setting up a billboard on the second floor of the building when the scaffold suddenly fell.

Thankfully, he was quick enough to grab onto the wall while steel bars and cement lay in a mess below him.

Gu Zhiying the owner of a nearby coffee shop, hurried to fetch sofa cushions and mattresses and placed them onto the ground below the worker, only known as Wang.

Her husband Wu Qiang, the martial arts coach, reached out and managed to catch Wang before he plunged to the ground.

Wang, who is aged in his fifties, hurt his back and arm in the fall but escaped serious injury.

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