27 Apr 2017

Late night scaffolding madness

A late night video shows a man climbing scaffolding around the Guildhall in Newport’s High Street in an Isle of Wight’s county town. The incident has led to safety warnings.

Incredibly, It shows the man use the scaffold to make his way to the top. The video was taken by an Island man around 3.30am on Sunday morning (23 April) causing speculation that the climber had consumed alcohol.

The historic Guildhall is undergoing essential repairs to the lightening conductor and clock dials. Structural safety checks of the tower and general maintenance of the roof is taking place as well. There is no fixed ladder access to the scaffolding.

Howard Watts, local senior officer for Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue, said:
“This footage is extremely distressing. The individuals involved have given very little regard to their own safety and that of others and could have caused themselves serious injury. I would hope that people will not be so foolish in future as to attempt such senseless stunts, because ultimately, falling from such height could cause death or serious and life-changing injuries.”

It is expected that the scaffold will be removed by mid-May.

The NHS and police ran an advert several years ago, warning of the potential dangers of climbing scaffolding while under the influence of alcohol.

Good to Go Safety products can’t stop unauthorised people from scaling scaffolding but when used as part of your daily scaffold inspection it may help spot signs of damage or alterations caused by any drunken tomfoolery - Available to purchase online now!

Most importantly however, please remember that scaffolding is not a grown-ups climbing frame, and alcohol does not make you immune from the dangers encountered at height. Scaffolders are highly skilled and trained individuals and know how to work safely on scaffolding, this particular individual clearly does not and he was lucky to walk away from this without serious injury or loss of life!

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