31 Mar 2017

MEWP Poster

Accidents involving MEWPs can have serious cost and programme implications for the site involved. Worst case scenarios may lead to serious injuries and even death.

It is essential that the correct type of equipment is used to ensure that working at height can be carried out safely; detailed documentation should be supplied with the MEWP (also referred to as a cherry picker or scissor lift) and referred to for specific information. MEWPS have become an essential choice of equipment for short term work at height activities to maximise user safety.

Defective equipment can significantly increase the potential for accidents in the workplace so providing training and guidance is key to ensuring that employees are competent in the use of, and inspection of, workplace equipment. Our latest A2 poster provides a visual reminder to employees, advising of what they should be looking out for during a pre-use inspection of their MEWP. This safety poster mirrors the contents of the MEWP Inspection Checklist to help provide a complete equipment management system. Preventative maintenance not only improves safety but can significantly reduce maintenance costs by spotting faults early, before they develop into something more serious.

This poster is perfect for displaying in both internal and external environments; our posters are printed on tough, durable, wipe-clean synthetic paper making them easy to roll up without tearing, creasing or delaminating. They can be easily positioned using pins, tape, or within poster frames.

The perfect addition to your workplace management system - Available to purchase online now!

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