16 Feb 2017

Visual Inspections

Encouraging employees to complete pre-use checks of workplace equipment is both prudent and proactive.

The use of the Good to Go Safety tagging and checklist systems can help your company to improve safety, reduce maintenance costs and comply with legislation. Encouraging employees to complete pre-use checks of workplace equipment is both prudent and proactive. The visual aspect of the tag helps ensure that checks are completed in timely fashion and this visual reminder can now be extended with the introduction of our eye catching safety posters.

Employees will have been trained on the safe use and maintenance of workplace equipment, but providing them with clear visual ‘reminders’ of their required actions can go a long way to ensuring their training remains at the forefront of their minds. To find out more about how our Pre-Use Inspection Posters can further benefit the safety of your organisation please read on below:

1. Location is key. Your poster should be displayed in a relevant area. For example, our warehouse equipment posters would be best sited at the entrance to the warehouse or by the maintenance area. If the poster is placed in an inappropriate location or is surrounded by other posters and information, the message won’t reach the right people at the right time, or may be overlooked completely.

2. Places, people, places. In addition to being in a relevant area, a poster also needs to be seen and read. In order to be effective a poster should appear in a high-traffic area that will allow people to stop and see it. A canteen or washroom are good examples of areas with a lot of traffic and that allow people the time to take in the poster.

3. Stand-alone. When posters are grouped with a lot of other visual displays or if they are left up for too long they lose their effectiveness. A wall of “clutter” often gets overlooked, and anything that’s seen every day blends into the background. It’s a good idea to change your posters at least once a month to keep the messages fresh and to avoid complacency. As we continue to add more posters to our range you’ll be able to regularly switch the equipment poster of choice. The fact our posters are made from synthetic paper means they can be easily rolled up and stored without risk of damage or tearing like most traditional paper posters.

4. Highlight important safety information. One of the most beneficial and obvious benefits to displaying safety posters is to highlight important safety information. Our posters have been designed to mirror the key component checks to carry out, as found in the Good to Go Safety systems. Providing strong visual posters act as a further reminder to employees to complete their pre-use checks.

5. Demonstrate your commitment to safety. While it is important to display safety information for obvious reasons, the benefits extend beyond that. Taking the time and effort to display these posters demonstrates your company’s commitment to safety. Through posting signs and posters, it becomes obvious that safety is an important issue and that you are committed to providing protection to anyone that enters your establishment.

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