10 Jan 2017

HSA Report - Farm fatalities rise despite drop in workplace deaths

The number of farming workplace deaths remained high in 2016 despite a drop of over 20% in workplace fatal accidents across all sectors in Ireland for the year.

The number of deaths on farms increased with 21 reported in 2016 compared to 18 in 2015.

The majority of work-related deaths involved 25-65-year-old males. However, there were nine men aged over 65 killed in the agriculture sector.

The HSA has urged farmers to plan and carry out "quick safety checks" around machinery to help to reduce the number of fatalities on farms.

HSA Chief Executive Martin O'Halloran said of the 21 fatalities on farms, 12 related to tractors and machinery.

Mr O'Halloran said the "most fundamental thing" is for farmers to plan the day and spend ten seconds thinking about hazards, risks and controls. Taking time to assess the job and inspect the machinery will make a difference, he said.

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