6 Oct 2016

Ladder Exchange 2016

From now until the 31st of December you can trade in your old and potentially dangerous ladder for a new one and save yourself money

Run by the Ladder Association in partnership with manufacturers and suppliers all across the United Kingdom, the Ladder Exchange has removed thousands of potentially dangerous ladders and stepladders from service.

Good to Go Safety supports the Ladder Exchange because it promotes workplace safety and continues to save lives and reduce injuries by replacing broken and bent ladders with brand new ones.

How does the Ladder Exchange work?
• Check your ladders using an inspection checklist. If your ladder fails the inspection checklist, you should replace your ladder and ensure no one uses it whilst you're arranging the swap.
• Find a Ladder Exchange Partner near you.
• Take your old ladder to your chosen Ladder Exchange Partner and buy a new one at a discounted price.

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