16 Sep 2016

Our visit of IMHX 2016

Hello Everyone,

I don’t know if I’ve told you yet but Good to Go Safety are exhibiting at the IMHX 2016 show in Birmingham. Hah! like you don’t already know, right?

Well since you know we’re there (at stand 11P23 – In case you forgot) I thought I’d share my experience with everyone or should I say anyone who stumbles upon my ramblings.

My name is Sarah. I’m the Graphic Designer for Good to Go Safety. I manage all things visual which includes the website, motion graphics, social media, brochures – the list is truly endless.

I work hand in hand with Graham who is in charge of marketing and products. With years of experience in the industry Graham is incredibly knowledgeable in all things #safety. He is, along with Simon and Alan, at our IMHX stand all week. You should pop over and see them whilst you can.

As you can imagine I was incredibly excited and jumped at the opportunity to fly down to this years’ IMHX show to see our stand, printed brochures, posters and generally promote a product I truly believe in.

IMHX stands for International Material Handling Exhibition, so I knew there are huge names involved, however, I think I may have been a tad naïve (mostly due to being stuck in Good to Go Safety land) as I flew down Tuesday morning. As I walked around I was left completely and utterly stunned at some of the stands.

As I gazed around the exhibition snapping my camera I was in complete awe, not just at the stands but also at the products available in the industry, such as COMBiLift’s WR-Walkie Reach, Hormanns Safety Light Grille, Warehouse Partners RackNets, PARRS Handimoova plus so many more.

I was introduced to products that would make John and Sarah Connor run for their lives such as automated Packaging, Forklifts and Pallet Trucks, busy with a job, moving around completely on their own.

Half of me was amazed at how far a leap forward this is, however the other half of me was left incredibly scared of the consequences.

In the 1990’s an American called Howard Schneider invented the self-serve checkout. It took two decades for them to spread Worldwide. Yet most people like me avoid machines like these as they are quite frankly never faster and full of errors that ultimately have to be resolved by none other than a human being.

As much as self-serve checkouts are annoying, there is no real harm when the annoying automated voice tells you there is “An unexpected item in the bagging area” but having forklifts and other manual handling robots driving around automatically seems dare I say it… dangerous.

Two decades to perfect (I use the term loosely) the self serve checkout. Now automated robots are introduced in warehouses along side workers. I personally wouldn’t feel safe.

Good to Go Safety has introduced me to a world of safety failings, where people are killed on a daily basis due to workplace equipment. Each time I read a story about a person (a father, mother, uncle, daughter, son) dying due to equipment malfunction. It makes a tiny part of me angry, or should I say “frustrated”.

It was only in January when Gao Yaning was killed whilst his car was on “autopilot”. It is scenarios like these that make me very wary of the hidden dangers of automated machines.

Call me old fashioned (I am a bit of a 80’s geek) but I’d much prefer a human driving me around or for that matter a human driving around in my warehouse even if there was a safety barrier. With non-automated machines the only things you’ve got to worry about are found in inspection checklists.

The IMHX show truly opened my eyes to what's happening in the logistics trade and where Good to Go Safety need to be within that market.

Thank you to everyone that i met at the show for your kind words or encouragement. Myself and the Good to Go Safety team have all had an excellent time and we hope to see you all at the next show.

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