27 Jun 2016

Who's to blame for this worker's fatal fall from scaffolding?

We found this article by Jonathon Lin in the Jersey Journal which makes for interesting reading.
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The story centres on a the death of a worker who fell about 25 feet from a ladder that was part of a scaffold. OSHA have clearly found the contractor to blame for the incident, citing nine serious violations, including hazards such as failing to provide adequate fall protection; not erecting scaffolding that met OSHA's standards; using scaffolding improperly; and failing to providing scaffolding training to workers. The contractor however has claimed the fault lies with a sub-contractor.

 It certainly seems like a case of the blame-game and claim versus counter claim and will be interesting to see how this story develops. What is without doubt however, and somewhat lost in the story, is that an employee lost his life unnecessarily due to the poor procedures in place and lack of equipment maintenance and training.

Scaffolding should be erected and inspected prior to use by a competent person(s). It should then be inspected following any structural alterations, periods of bad weather, or as part of its 7 day check or daily inspection programme.

Scaffold tags and scaffold checklists are an excellent option to ensure these checks are made - with findings clearly displayed in the tag to inform employees if/when it is safe to use. An average of

1,000 serious injuries and 10 fatalities occur every year in the UK following accidents involving scaffolding. That's 19 major injuries every week. Clearly it's not a problem restricted to the UK.

To find out more about how a scaffolding checklist and scaffold tag system can improve construction safety you can visit www.goodtogosafety.co.uk


  1. Awesome post, we have to work properly and try to avoid all accidents if we are be able to do that, it's essential. Very useful post and blog

  2. Thanks for the feedback, glad you agree with us #SafetyFirst Hopefully we can help focus the minds with some of our posts :-)


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