10 Jun 2016

UEFA Euro 2016

Even your Workplace Equipment loves Football!

It has finally arrived - UEFA Euro 2016 is kicking off tonight and I’m sure many of our followers will be tuning in to watch the first game - France vs Romania, before the home nations take to the stage at the weekend.

Here at Good to Go Safety we love nothing better than workplace and equipment safety but football does come a close second so any opportunity to link the two together and we are all over that!

So what better way to kick off the party than with some #ForkliftFootball

Of course for a good match you need strong competition so if the forklift isn’t your equipment of choice then throw your support behind #TeamTractor

Every tournament tends to throw up a valiant underdo that simply don’t bring their A-game to the table and we hate to say it but I’m not convinced these guys are going all the way to the final, but they do say it’s not the winning, but the taking part that matters…

So there we have it our salute to our two great loves #football and #safety

Let’s round this off with a prediction. Any chance that one of our home nations could lift the trophy? Could it be England, Wales, Northern Ireland or the ROI’s year? Or do we expect the usual suspects of Germany, Spain, France or Italy to go all the way? Leave your guess in the comments below and see how your prediction pans out?

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