15 Jun 2016

The risks of towing trailers revealed…

Five years worth of research proves towing can increase Road Traffic Accident severity

Research analysing accidents over a period of five years highlighted serious cause for concern in the road traffic industry. Driving is already one of the most hazardous working activities in the UK, with an average of 220 serious injuries and 20 deaths EVERY WEEK involving people at work on the road. Research shows that towing trailers can increase the severity of a road traffic accident.

They identified a total of 4,173 reported accidents involving at least one car or light goods vehicle towing, this averages at 16 accidents EACH WEEK. Of these accidents, 100 were fatal (2.4%), 671 were deemed serious (16.1%) and 3402 were slight (81.5%). The corresponding percentages for all car/van accidents (without trailers) are as follows: 1% fatal, 11% serious and 88% slight. This evidence shows that towing trailers can be more likely to result in serious or fatal road accidents.

If a trailer is used for work purposes then it falls under the requirements of PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations) to provide employees with safe equipment and the need to carry out regular pre-drive inspections.

Our innovative tagging and inspection checklist system ensures essential pre-drive inspections are carried out. Helping reduce the risk of any accident, improve safety, reduce maintenance costs and comply with legislation. CLICK HERE to find out more.

In Sweden trailers must be registered and pass a regular roadworthiness test. In 2010 they tested 236,876 trailers and only 62% passed the test. of the 38% that failed 24% had serious defects, mostly in the braking system. The UK does not currently include a similar testing process and as such self-regulation should be given serious consideration.

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