1 Jun 2016

Forklifts - Friend or Foe?

Employers have a duty of care to ensure all employees operating or working in the vicinity of forklifts are protected from harm. Every year there are over 2,000 reported accidents in the UK as a result of forklift incidents. That's almost 40 a week!

The forklift is perhaps a warehouse's most valuable asset in terms of what it offers so keeping it safe and in good working order is often critical to productivity, with any downtime proving a costly inconvenience. A pre-use walk around of the forklift can reveal a great deal – if a mirror is damaged or lights/horn are not working, it doesn’t take much to put right rather than ignoring the issue and putting others at risk around the workplace. The potential for pedestrians being hit by a truck are well documented so it is essential that the visibility of the truck is given a high priority.

Using our inspection checklist before use can often highlight potential defects such as perished tyres, unstable forks or faulty hydraulics, all of which can lead to a load being lost during manoeuvres. According to the HSE “Around a quarter of all workplace transport incidents involve forklift trucks, with 50 per cent of these happening because someone is hit either by the vehicle or a falling load.”

Good to Go Safety offer a simple solution for forklift safety with daily, weekly or ad-hoc inspections to suit your business needs. Completing pre-drive inspection checks as part of your forklift trucks safety maintenance programme ensures everyone is aware of the vehicle’s status at all times.

Comply with PUWER, LOLER, HSE and FLTA regulations & guidance and be recognised for promoting industry best practice with the Good to Go Safety system. The Good to Go Safety Forkift Inspection System, along with the rest of our checklist systems, are available to order on our newly designed website

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