3 Jun 2016

Do you Hear your Warehouse Whispers?

If your warehouse equipment could talk…

A warehouse is the heart of any business, pumping out orders and continually processing the flow of incoming and outgoing goods. It is arguably the most valuable area of any business, not just in monetary terms, but also in productivity.

Keeping a warehouse moving is critical to any business, any loss in productivity can prove extremely costly: The potential cost of equipment downtime can include higher costs for parts and shipping; time lost responding to emergencies and diagnosing faults while equipment is not working; shipping delays and the subsequent impact on your reputation as a supplier of goods.

By assuming your warehouse equipment is safe you run the risk of unplanned maintenance and a worst case scenario of a disastrous racking collapse, injury/death to employees, damage to goods, cost of temporary storage, downtime, legal/compensation/insurance costs, damaged morale and public image. It's a lot to gamble.

The chance of a forklift or other manual handling equipment colliding with pallet racking is great but the reporting of such an incident is small (Can we honestly and realistically expect a driver to voluntarily inform management that they have hit a racking upright? It’s much more likely they will jump out of the cab, check for damage on the truck then drive away thinking they have had a lucky escape). Therefore the need for frequent warehouse checks are critical to ensure the prevention of any disaster - You simply can't afford to risk it.

The recent reports of a forklift driver being trapped for hours under a racking collapse is testament to the potential dangers – click here to read the full story

Comply with PUWER, WAHR, HSE, SEMA regulations and be recognised for promoting industry best practice with the Good to Go Safety system. The Good to Go Safety Racking Inspection System along with the rest of our checklist systems are available to order on our newly designed website

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