6 May 2016

Warehouse Racking Collapse - Man Missing

A worker is feared trapped after metal shelving inside a food distribution warehouse storing cheese collapsed. Rows of metal racking came down in the building on Hatton Road, just outside Hinstock, Shropshire earlier.

Police and fire crews are searching the wreckage for a missing man. Rescuers are cutting through the roof and using drones in a bid to trace him. The warehouse belongs to haulage company Edwards Transport and was understood to be storing cheese. The fire service are still searching through the wreckage inside the Edwards Transport warehouse near Hinstock and say the shelving which collapsed reached 18m (59ft) high in places.

Firefighters are searching for the centre of the collapse and at the same time are being very careful not to trigger further falls. They are hoping the missing man may be trapped in an air pocket or protected by the cage of his forklift.

"The racking has buckled and almost like a pack of cards it has imploded inside the unit here. We can see the pile of pallets, cheese boxes and blue racking which is bent double in places and it's a huge task for the fire service." said Nick Southall BBC Shropshire reporter

For more news see BBC News Website or for live reports visit BBC News Shropshire

Our thoughts and wishes are with all those involved and we hope to be able to bring positive news should the missing man be located following a thorough search of the facilities

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