26 May 2016

How our Universal Status Tag was/is Made

Behind the scenes - The manufacturing process of Good to Go Safety's Universal Status Tag.

Our Universal Status Tag has come a long way from its initial concept on the back of an old paracetamol packet to the current finished article. Whilst designing our universal status tag we knew that we'd need it to withstand the every day bumps and scrapes of working life, that's why we manufactured it from tough, durable polypropylene.

Daily, weekly or even ad-hoc equipment checks are often forgotten about and filled out later in a frantic catch up before an audit. For this reason our universal status tag is a highly visible yellow making it nearly impossible to ignore.

It was paramount for our design to be universal. By having just one tag, which can be used on any type of equipment, it reduces the potential for confusion/uncertainty created by offering multiple variants - our "one size fits all" solution has proven the perfect answer. A channelled base allows a flush fitting onto cylindrical tubes - reducing the risk of snagging/breakage by passing pedestrian traffic. Multiple fixing options are built into the tag design, including slots for cable-ties or four screw hole locators, you can also use rivets or adhesive to attach the tag to equipment, it will not effect the integrity of the design.

We know that the equipment inspection date and findings are paramount to any safety regime. When a completed checklist is inserted into the tag it ensures everyone can instantly see the current status and know if it is Good to Go.

The tag is attached at the entry point to the equipment to provide an immediate reminder to the operator before starting work. The check book provides 25 individual checklists which are used to carry out a pre-use inspection with the findings (and date) placed inside the tag, and clearly visible for all to see. Duplicate copies of each inspection are also retained for maintenance/safety records.

Another popular design feature is the ability to attach a blue tamper evident seal to the tag to ensure the current checklist insert remains in place and provide assurance that is has not been altered by anyone.

Our Good to Go Safety logo sits proudly on the face of the tag, but did you know that our manufacturing process also allows us to change the plate to show your own corporate branding instead? There is even the option to change the colour of the tag itself to match your company colours. Contact us for more information.

Customer feedback, increasing sales and winning awards all let us know that we've designed an impressive product and we continue to develop and add new checklists to our range. We aren't the type of company to sit on our laurels however and rest assured that behind the scenes we are constantly looking for further improvements and enhancements so watch this space! To find out how our universal status tag is made - watch the 20 second video below.

All of our checklist systems are available to order on our newly designed website.

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