22 Dec 2015


It's been a busy year for Good to Go Safety. The success stories kept on rolling in this year and as it ends we can't believe we’ve helped so many of our customers to keep their workplace equipment safe and in good working order.

The aim of our products is to help companies improve workplace safety, reduce maintenance costs and comply with legislation. Receiving accolades and milestones like these confirm that we are indeed making a difference and being successful in our quest to create a safer workplace.

The positive feedback we have received from you this year, further emphasises the growing appreciation for Good to Go Safety and inspires us to continue developing our range with new checklists for additional workplace equipment.

If you have any success stories or examples of where Good to Go Safety has made a difference we are always interested to hear from you and will consider using your comments for future press releases and social media posts. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube or via this blog to be amongst the first to hear of any new product developments, special offers, or news stories from Good to Go Safety.

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