22 Dec 2015


It's been a busy year for Good to Go Safety. The success stories kept on rolling in this year and as it ends we can't believe we’ve helped so many of our customers to keep their workplace equipment safe and in good working order.

The aim of our products is to help companies improve workplace safety, reduce maintenance costs and comply with legislation. Receiving accolades and milestones like these confirm that we are indeed making a difference and being successful in our quest to create a safer workplace.

The positive feedback we have received from you this year, further emphasises the growing appreciation for Good to Go Safety and inspires us to continue developing our range with new checklists for additional workplace equipment.

If you have any success stories or examples of where Good to Go Safety has made a difference we are always interested to hear from you and will consider using your comments for future press releases and social media posts. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube or via this blog to be amongst the first to hear of any new product developments, special offers, or news stories from Good to Go Safety.

16 Dec 2015

Good to Go Safety Featured in the SEC Storage Guide to…Pallet Racking Accessories

Good to Go Safety is pleased to announce that we were recently featured by SEC Storage in their latest warehouse guide, which gives users a run-down of the various types of warehouse pallet racking accessories you can choose to suit your operational requirements.

There are numerous benefits to be had via the installation of pallet racking accessories - including the optimisation of picking operations, the creation of guidance systems for forklift trucks and of course, most importantly, protecting your employees from being fatally injured.

Our pallet racking status tags and safety checklists were highlighted as a key accessory for those looking to optimise safety in the warehouse environment, with our status tags cited as an instantly identifiable solution that ensures that warehouse operatives are aware of the status of a system and also when an inspection is required.
You can read more about the guide and our product feature here.

About: SEC Storage provide warehouse space planning and storage solutions – including the design, supply and installation of warehouse pallet racking, shelving systems, mezzanine floors and multi-tier racking systems. For more information on the services they offer, including complimentary space planning and warehouse appraisals - consult their website: www.sec-online.co.uk/warehouse-storage-solutions

Good to Go Safety & SEC Storage: The perfect combination for warehouse safety & storage solutions
10 Dec 2015

Watch out for the Dangers of December

Warehouse accidents are all too common on any normal day of the year. With increased activity, more personnel (especially the introduction of temporary shift workers) and more pressure to get goods out of the door on time – then the chances of accidents are greatly increased.

An increase of traffic – both pedestrian and forklift, combined with limited knowledge of the warehouse set-up and safety rules (for temporary workers) will inevitably lead to an increased possibility of collision. Longer shifts and overtime can lead to fatigue, stress and lack of concentration. It can soon become a perfect storm in terms of all the ingredients needed to create heightened probability of an accident.

The need for regular safety checks become ever more essential. Pre-shift team talks can help remind employees of the rules and restricted areas for pedestrians. It should also allow the workers finishing their shift to provide any important information to their replacement during the hand-over. Unfortunately during such busy periods shift hand-overs can often fall by the wayside due to the pressure to keep orders going out and the desire to get home after a long working day.

The importance of pre-use equipment checks then take on increased importance. More forklifts combined with more urgency and longer hours will predictably result in more forklift collisions with racking uprights. The likelihood of such comings together being reported however is low. What may seem like a gentle scrape to the driver would hardly justify reporting or putting his neck on the line. In reality however the potential for a racking upright being weakened after a collision is considerable. With racking fully ladened to satisfy the high seasonal demand, a racking collapse would be devastating; not only in terms of damaged goods but also in downtime and the resulting loss of goodwill from disappointed customers.

Routine visual checks of forklifts and racking at the start of each shift can help to identify faults before they develop into a costly accident. The Good to Go Safety range of equipment checklists can help to keep your warehouse operating safely and efficiently. We have systems available for forklifts, racking, pallet trucks, stepladders and more. Visit www.goodtogosafety.co.uk to ensure your warehouse is always ‘Good to Go’.

In keeping with the Christmas theme here's our own Christmas Safety Message:
3 Dec 2015

Demolition firm fined after worker falls from height

A demolition company has been sentenced after pleading guilty to health and safety failings following a worker’s fall from height.

The incident happened at the Hillington Industrial Estate in Glasgow on the 30 December 2011, when the 50-year-old worker was carrying out work from a mobile scaffolding platform to enable the building to be demolished.

It appears that a cable tray swung towards the worker as he was cutting it from the ceiling, hitting him in the shin and knocking him off balance. He fell five feet off the platform causing severe injuries. He fractured his right elbow and fractured his left arm, which required surgery, and also suffered bruising to his head. He has been unable to return to work because of the extent of his injuries.

HSE’s investigation found that his fall happened because the platform was not put together correctly and was missing guard rails and toeboards. Also no suitable risk assessment was available on site for the use of the mobile scaffolding platform and it had not been inspected before use.

HSE Inspector Graham Mitchell said: “The injured person was at risk of falling because the tower was not put together properly. Work at Height Regulations require those in control of work at height to take sufficient measures to prevent injuries and this fall could have been easily prevented.”

DSR Demolition Limited was fined £5,000 after pleading guilty to breaching Regulation 6(3) of the Work at Height Regulations 2005 and Section 33(1)(c) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Good to Go Safety provide a scaffold tower safety checklist, designed to encourage workers to carry out essential pre-use checks of scaffold towers before working at height. These regular checks can be built into a safety management policy and help to ensure the safety of the tower whilst reducing maintenance costs. Our checklist helps employers meet their legal duty of care to ensure the safety of staff whilst they work, compliant with WAHR, PASMA & HSE legislation and best practice.

For more information about tower safety click here.
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