29 Oct 2014

Modified Forklifts

Everyone loved a bit of "Pimp my Ride" so us at Good to Go Safety decided to "Pimp your Forklift"

Here are a just a few beasting forklifts that we’ve found for your amusement. If you have any others that you’d like us to add to the gallery then send them to us by email to social@goodtogosafety.co.uk or tweet us @goodtogosafety or post on our Facebook page.

We will add your photos to this blog and give you a shout out in appreciation. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter too.

Pimp your Forklift

The first Pimped up Forklift looks like its ready for a 2014 Rally vs a Ben Hur Chariot Race.

The second is loaded up with NOS. We fear it may truly be on flames at the end of its career.

Next we have...

Forklift Hotrods
The next two we have already shared with a few of you on Twitter.

The fact we have so many Pimped up Forklifts suggest they maybe aren’t the strangest thing to find, so here are two others that we’ve come across:
How about DIY Pimp your Scooter

And finally (for now), surely this wins the award for the largest alloy tyres ever!

And so it’s over to you – if you have any photos of Pimped up Working Equipment (keep them clean and in good taste please). Fire them over to us and we’ll add them to the blog.

In the meantime for all you forklift owners and drivers, don’t forget to check our website for everything you need to carry out your pre-use checks to ensure your truck is in good working condition.

Obviously this blog is a light hearted bit of fun but we would remind people that they really shouldn’t seek to alter/adapt/pimp up workplace equipment as it may affect the safety, warranty and/or operation. Besides, most of these add-ons and amendments won’t feature on our checklist systems.


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