22 Oct 2014

Climbing the ladder to fame

Following on from our recent “Strange things found on a forklift blog” (Click to view). I’ve decided this week to take a look at another of our popular pieces of workplace equipment in the form of a ladder.

This post isn’t concentrating on “freaky freight” this time, but looking for “famous finds” on a ladder. Bizarrely the ladder appears to have been a popular prop in the days of the silent movies – and their use in slapstick could be considered a gentle reminder to the public of the dangers of using a ladder and the risks of working at height.

Here are a few famous faces that we’ve spotted up a ladder over the years. If you have any others that you’d like us to add to the gallery then send them to us by email to social@goodtogosafety.co.uk or tweet us @goodtogosafety or post on our Facebook page.

Starting with a few of the stars of yesteryear:

Perhaps the most famous actor of the silent screen is the great Charlie Chaplin, while one of his famous co-stars Bebe Daniels can be seen looking glamorous with fingers crossed – perhaps this was the method of choice for ladder safety in those days (cross your fingers and hope for the best)?
Moving on to the talkies and we find a couple of big names in the form of Doris Day and good old Norman Wisdom who might be considered an early contender for The Ladder Associations “Idiots on Ladders” campaign. (Click here to see a collection of this year’s madcap entries).
Next we have a festive flurry, with both Rita Hayworth and Victoria Beckham throwing the rule book out the window when it comes to safety footwear. There’s every chance they could suffer a fall from height in those heels even if they weren’t half way up a stepladder.
Even Doctor Who wants to get in on the act in this Christmas promotional shot.
And to finish off we have Daniel Radcliffe and Craig Phillips demonstrating that even the rich and famous can get it right when it comes to ladder safety (although maybe Daniel should invest in more appropriate PPE).
So there we have it, a run down of some famous celebrities climbing the ladder to success – don’t forget to fire us a pic if you spot your favourite celebrity scaling a ladder and we'll add it to the blog and give you a shout out for your troubles. More importantly don’t forget to check your ladder before you use it – visit www.goodtogosafety.co.uk for the best in ladder inspection systems. Our simple ladder tags and checklist systems may prevent you from doing a "Norman Wisdom" after all a real-life fall from height is no laughing matter!

Thank you to @AyrshireMedical for sending us this picture of the legendary Laurel & Hardy via Twitter:


  1. It is interesting to see all these pictures of famous people on ladders collected together. I had never really thought about how much ladders are used metaphorically. I think I have a better time climbing actual ladders then metaphorical ones.

  2. The point about Daniel Rdcliffe getting right raised a slight smile on my face. Perhaps everybody has a different opinion of what makes "good" lader safety. Daniel is seen grasping the ladder with his hands on the edges of the ladder. I was taught by the Hertfordshire Fire Service to keep your torso much more in the vertical postion and graps the rung of the lader whilst sychronising your left arm and leg movements and then your right and so on. I wouldn't honestly feel that I had a proper grip of the ladder if I followed Daniels technique, but like I say, perhaps everybody has their own opinion!

  3. Thank you to @AyrshireMedical for sending us a great picture of Laurel & Hardy - although not actually on the ladder, it would be rude not to add these two comedy legends on a technicality :-)

    With regards to Anonymous' comment regarding Daniel Radcliffe, yes I'd agree on the face of it but when put in comparison to the others on this blog I'd say he was looking pretty safe - at least he has his 3 points of contact :-)


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