10 Jul 2014

Workplace Transport Prosecution

50 fatalities occur each year as a result of workplace transport. These types of accidents cause more than 1500 major injuries (accidents which result in broken bones or amputations etc) and they also cause around 15,000 sick days. Good to Go want to inform and train employees and employers working with or around hazardous equipment to ensure these numbers reduce. Workplace Transport is high on the HSE agenda due to the severity and regularity of these types of incidents.

Workplace transport relates to any vehicle or mobile equipment that is used by employers, employees, self-employed or visitors in any work setting (apart from travelling on public roads). As a result, it covers a very wide range of vehicles, from cars, vans, lorries and lift trucks, to less common vehicles and plant such as straddle carriers, rubber-tyre gantries and self-propelled machinery.

Employers have a duty of care to ensure all employees operating or working in the vicinity of workplace transport are adequately informed of the potential hazards and the relevant safe work procedure is in operation. Using the Good to Go Safety Bespoke Check Book can prevent accidents and ensure you comply with regulations and industry best practice.

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  1. Workers safety is the key importance in the workplace. Health and safety is the responsibility of both employer and employee. The Employer must provide a safe working environment for their employees, carrying out risk assessments and providing safety measures and precautions and giving employees procedures to follow.



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