10 Jul 2014

Good to Go Safety - Universal Status Tag

The Good to Go Safety Status Tag is attached to equipment (usually at the point of entry) and is used to advise employees when the equipment is ‘Good to Go’ following a pre-use inspection. If a fault is found then the tag can display a ‘Do Not Use’ message to quarantine the equipment until further notice.

Manufactured from tough, durable, highly visible polypropylene
Weather resistant and UV stable
Channelled base allows flush fitting onto scaffold tubes
Multiple fixing options include cable-ties, screws, adhesive or rivets
Clear window displays “Do Not Use” message until a completed checklist is inserted
Displays result of the current checklist findings and date for all to see
Includes the option to attach a tamper evident seal
Dimensions (HxWxD): 120x51x12mm

1 comment:

  1. I appreciate you sharing this info! I'm grateful that we have trainings that teach height safety. It insures that workers are paying attention to what they are doing while at work, and will protect them in an emergency happens.



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