10 Jun 2014

The Latest Results in Construction.

There have been significant reductions in the number and rate of injury over the last 20 years or more. Nevertheless, construction remains a high risk industry. Although it accounts for only about 5% of the employees in Britain it accounts for 27% of fatal injuries to employees and 10% of reported major injuries.

The latest results in construction show:

• 39 fatal injuries to workers. 12 of these fatalities were to the self-employed. This compares with an average of 53 over the previous five years - including an average of 18 to the self-employed (RIDDOR);

• About 3 700 occupational cancer cases are estimated to arise each year as a result of past exposures in the construction sector (CAN04);

• There were an estimated 74 thousand total cases and 31 thousand new cases of work-related ill health (LFS, 2012);

• An estimated 1.4 million working days were lost in 2011/12, 818 thousand due to ill health and 584 thousand due to workplace injury, making a total of 0.7 days lost per worker (LFS, 2012).

There were 1 913 reported major injuries to employees in 2012/13p, compared to an average of 2 815 over the previous five years. The corresponding rates of major injury per 100 000 employees were 156 in 2012/13p and an average of 192.

There has been a general reduction in the rate of reported major injury since 2004/05. The number of reported injuries has also fallen significantly over the last five years. The fall in reported major injuries over the last two years is similar to that for all industries, but it was significantly higher in the previous three years.

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