19 Jun 2014

Good to Go Safety - Vehicle Check Book

More than 90% of crashes are due to human error, drivers taking risks such as people speeding, driving impaired from alcohol and drugs, talking on phones, reading or sending email and texts etc.

These figures are extremely alarming given that 10% of crashes were no fault of the driver. It becomes entirely a different matter when fatalities are caused due to vehicle negligence. The popularity of fleet vehicles and company cars is ever increasing on the road and with so many workers on the road the potential for accidents is ever increasing too. Good to Go Safety believe that inspecting business vehicles should be a mandatory protocol to ensure that the vehicle is in safe working order before used. We believe that doing these comprehensive pre-use/daily/weekly checks could and will save lives.

In addition to devastating human loss, car crashes present a significant national cost in lost wages and productivity, medical expenses, administrative expenses, employer costs and property damage. It has been estimated that, on average, the economic damage caused by a fatal Road Traffic Collision amounts to nearly £1.8m and that the damage from a serious injury amounts to over £200k.

Despite clear improvements in road safety, the annual cost to the UK economy of all deaths and injuries remains significant at around £13 billion (i.e. around 1% of GDP), with damage-only accidents estimated to cost a further £5 billion.

Using the Good to Go Safety Vehicle Check Book could potentially eliminate that 10% of vehicle failings, save lives and reduce the economic damage.

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