29 May 2014

Avoid the devastating effects of a racking collapse.

The chance of racking being hit by forklifts is high but reporting of collisions by drivers are low. The need for frequent racking checks is therefore critical, with checks required for both structural safety as well as the loads on the shelves to prevent potential damage from falling objects.

Good to Go Safety™
ensures a routine maintenance check of all racking bays at the start of each daily shift, clearly identifying if the racking is good to go. Providing compliance with PUWER, WAHR, HSE & SEMA regulations and best practice. We recommend that a tag be located on the end of each racking bay/aisle alongside the safe working load (SWL) sign for maximum visibility. The checklist covers checks of the racking structure, loads found on the racking and general housekeeping of the racking area. It includes a system for any damaged racking and the recommended actions, in accordance with SEMA guidelines (using a colour coordinated level of risk).

By assuming your racking is safe you run the risk of a racking collapse and potential:
• Injury/death to employees
• Damage to plant, equipment and stored goods
• Cost of temporary storage, whilst new racking is installed
• Downtime and lost hours as a result of the accident and subsequent investigations
• Legal, compensation and insurance costs
• Damaged morale & public image

Features and Benefits of the Good to Go Safety System:
• A robust, UV stable and water resistant status tag enables both internal & external usage.
• Quick, easy to use checklists ensure that key safety checks are carried out prior to use. The operator can simply complete the check list, sign and date it. Once inserted into the tag it provides a clear statement of the racking status - Clearly identifying when it is 'good to go' and when it is not safe to use.
• A duplicate copy of the completed checklist is also retained in the check book for reference. Chronological records of all inspections are stored in completed check books using carbon copy paper. These books can be kept in secure offices or even off-site as part of your maintenance records and can prove an invaluable source of reference in the event of any accidents.
• A tamper evident seal ensures validity of the check list, identifying potential tampering with check lists.
• The annual kit provides a handy storage box for all completed check books.

Not only provides a visual inspection of the racking structure but also encourages loads to be checked and reduces the risk of falling agents from shelves/racks. Prevents the assumption that racking is safe and can identify potentially dangerous/unreported racking collisions from forklifts or pallet trucks.

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