10 Apr 2014

Good to Go Safety Weekly Kits

Accidents in the workplace can be a frequent occurrence, often as a result of inadequate training or equipment misuse.

Businesses which use hazardous equipment on occasion should still ensure it has been safety checked. Checking them weekly or prior to every use will dramatically reduce the chance of any accident. Safety should be the main priority in every working environment and Good to Go Safety offer a flexible solution to ensure all equipment is safe and in good working order. With a Weekly Good to Go Safety Kit you’ll have everything you need for a full years worth of weekly inspections.

The Good to Go Safety kit includes a Status Tag, which will display the status of your workplace equipment. One hundred Tamper Evident Seals, which should be used to ensure that all findings are correct and cannot be tampered with. Two Safety Check Books enabling you to inspect the condition of the equipment and display whether it is in working order or if should not be used. Check Book Wallet and Pen, which will keep the carbon copy neat and free from any creases. Using the Good to Go Weekly Kit will provide your employees with a safer working environment. Enabling them to check workplace equipment before operation and quarantine faulty equipment.

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