7 Apr 2014

Good to Go - Carbon Copies

Accidents in the workplace can be a frequent occurrence, often as a result of inadequate training or equipment misuse.

Good to Go Safety Check Books will enable your employees to run through a list of questions to minimise risks within the workplace. A carbon copy is retained upon the completion of the checklist and depending on the result of these questions the top sheet will display the status of your equipment within the Good to Go Safety Status Tag. This will visually communicate to all employees whether it is in good working order or if it has been quarantined. Using the Good to Go SEMS will give your employees more confidence whilst working with hazardous equipment.

Having a record of previous equipment checks in the form of carbon copies can protect your business from potential legal action. It enables auditors to establish whether faults have been detected and whether an accident has occurred due to equipment negligence or personal failings to adhere to Health & Safety.

The Good to Go Safety system attempts to identify potential faults before they develop into a costly incident. We don’t believe in waiting for an accident to occur before taking action. Good to Go Safety Simply remove potential risks at the source by promoting pre-use checks.

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