18 Mar 2013

Lift Truck Training & FLT Inspection Advice

The HSE has recently published a web-friendly version of leaflet INDG462: Lift-truck training: Advice for employers

This leaflet (click here to access) about lift-truck training is aimed at employers of lift-truck operators. It includes information about the law (PUWER) in relation to lift-truck operator training and on the Approved Code of Practice on lift-truck training. It also explains who should be trained, who to consult, what training should include, authorisation, monitoring and assessment, refresher training, conversion training, keeping records, supervisor training and how to choose an instructor.

It is a really useful piece of information for all forklift operatives and reinforces the key requirements placed upon them and their employers.

One of the objectives listed in the basic training is for the trainee to be able to:

"Carry out inspection and maintenance tasks appropriate to operators as required by the machine manufacturers (including pre-shift checks) and any relevant legislation."

Additional job training may include:

"Routine inspection and servicing of that truck, in accordance with the operator’s handbook or manufacturer’s instructions, which may reasonably be carried out by the operator (to be repeated when the design of truck is changed)"


Naturally, Good to Go Safety was launched well before this HSE guidance was published but it certainly helps meet some of the requirements needed in terms of providing the necessary tools for carrying out pre-use inspections and encouring familiarisation with the FLT and its components.

As with all equipment that falls under PUWER legislation (The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998) the need to check and ensure that equipment is safe and fit for purpose before use is critical. Good to Go Safety goes a long way towards helping achieve these requirements.

For more information about our popular pre-use inspection systems for FLTs please visit our website at www.goodtogosafety.co.uk for details. You will also find news of our other inspection systems for equipment such as MEWPs, fleet vehicles, ladders, scaffolding etc there too.


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