21 Jun 2012

Why should you bother with a pre-use fleet vehicle check?

One of the more recent additions to our Good to Go Safety range was the introduction of a fleet vehicle inspection system. This was designed to encourage drivers to carry out daily checks of their fleet vehicles before they set off on their journeys. Checking of tyres, brake lights, water etc are all included as you'd expect. 

I imagine many don't bother however as they assume that all is the same as it was yesterday and simply jump in the vehicle and head off on their merry way. After all, do we really have the time or patience to spend 5 minutes doing a quick walk around of the vehicle to check for any obvious defects?

Well, having seen the above photo on Facebook recently it made me think again. That quick pre-use check carried out by this particular driver undoubtedly saved a child's life. The image doesn't look like something from the UK and I doubt very much that this is ever likely to happen over here (although I've noticed the odd cat or bird huddled up in there before).

We don't have any immediate intentions to add a "Check for small children" to our checklist system but thankfully we do have a "Check your tyres" which would hopefully make sure you spotted this too.

Obviously the more likely thing you may spot are poor tyre treads, no screenwash, leaking fluids etc. But the finding of these could also save your own life if corrective actions are taken before its too late.

Visit our website at www.goodtogosafety.co.uk for more information on our fleet vehicle inspection systems.


  1. Great post. I came across this post while looking up fleet maintenance. I think a safety check is very important. That picture with the kid broke my heart! My husband is a mailman and they have to inspect their trucks before driving them every day.

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