19 Nov 2010

Ladder Safety hits Primetime TV

It was good to see the subject of health and safety, and in particular ladder safety getting some air time on one of BBC1's flagship programmes yesterday. Arthur Smith of The One Show took a look at the rise in ladder safety courses in the UK and highlighted the need to raise awareness of ladder safety in the workplace.

Health & Safety is often on the receiving end of bad press, often being misrepresented in confusion with the ambulance chasers. This was a welcome opportunity to rectify some of the bad press and I applaud the BBC for taking the time to back the HSE's ladder exchange initiative.

You can view the show by clicking on the following link to the show. You may want to skip to the article in question which can be found 23 minutes into the programme and runs for 5.30 minutes.

 Good to Go Safety provides the perfect solution to ladder tagging and inspections - offering a quick, easy and affordable management system. The system enables a pre-use check of the ladder with an easy to follow checklist. The findings are then displayed in the tag for all to see, clearly displaying if the ladder is 'good to go' or informing employees 'do not use' if a fault is found - effectively placing the dodgy ladder into immediate quarantine until such time that the ladder has been repaired. A duplicate copy of each inspection is automatically created for management records. To find out more please click the following link to visit our Good to Go Safety website.

1 comment:

  1. Even though it was a bit tongue in cheek in its approach to ladder safety I thought it was still a positive piece.

    Made a change from the 'elf and safety gone mad media coverage anyway.

    The bit at the end where some people on one of the courses said it had proved useful might help a few people understand that health and safety training isn't a waste of time.


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