2 Sep 2010

Good to Go Safety backs Fork Lift Safety Week

This year's National Fork Lift Safety Week runs from the 20th -26th September 2010.

This annual campaign was first launched by the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) in 2008 to raise awareness of dangers, and the importance of common sense measures that can make fork lift operation as safe and efficient as possible.

It is up to everybody in the workplace to improve fork lift truck safety - not just operators. Accordingly, the message behind this year’s National Fork Lift Safety Week, for managers and directors is:
“Manage to be safe.”

Firstly, this is directed at managers, who are responsible for the safe running of their workplace and the health of their employees. It is their duty to be aware of current best practice and to put it into action, as well as to act on the concerns of their teams.

Secondly, it is directed at directors and decision-makers, who must provide their company with the resources it requires to be able to implement proper safety procedure, and show a dedication towards employee safety that can inform the approach of the entire company.

Serious fork lift truck accidents have a horrific physical and emotional impact on everybody involved… by taking a little extra care and making allowances for your colleagues, you can protect yourself and others.

Great free resources are currently available from the FLTA, click on the links below for access (available until the end of September 2010):
Download FLTA Safety Posters
Online 'Good Practice' Checklist
Powerpoint Presentation on How to Manage Fork Lift Safety

Good to Go Safety continue to lead the way in the provision of pre-use inspection systems for fork lift trucks. Our innovative system helps ensure your FLT is always 'Good to Go'.  
  1. Simply attach a tag to the forklift to provide a clear visual reminder to operatives that a pre-use check needs to be completed, 
  2. Complete a checklist using our handy check book (complete with guidance notes) - a duplicate copy of each completed checklist is automatically created for your management records, 
  3. Insert your findings into the tag to clearly display to all operatives the findings of the inspection. A dated message will clearly indicate if the forklift is 'Good to Go' or 'Do Not Use' if a fault is identified.

Forklift safety has never been easier, click here to find out more about Good to Go Safety's other systems (including ladders, scaffolding, racking, harnesses, MEWPs and more).

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  1. Good point to keep improving slowly but surely without having accidents in our dayly work, thanks for all these tips


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