25 Aug 2010

Ladder Exchange Initiative 2010

Don’t let a dodgy ladder shatter your life! This year's Ladder Exchange 2010 runs from 1st September – 30th November 2010, offering companies the perfect opportunity to replace faulty ladders with new ones.

Falls from height continue to be the main cause of fatalities at work. In 2008/09 there were 35 fatalities to workers and 4654 employees who suffered major injury.  Over two thirds of these major injuries are the result of a fall from a ladder.

In an effort to reduce the number of workers being injured falling from a ‘dodgy’ ladder, HSE has teamed up again with a selection of partner companies for a re-run of their successful “Ladder Exchange” initiative;

HSS Hire, Speedy, Ladder Association, ABRU, A-Plant, TB Davies, Travis Perkins are a sample of partners involved this year.

Previous Ladder Exchanges (2007-2009) were successful in removing close to 7000 dodgy ladders from Britain’s workplaces

So what is Ladder Exchange?

The concept behind Ladder Exchange is very simple; where a user has a ladder which is broken, damaged or bent then they can bring it along to any one of our partner outlets and exchange it for a new one at a discounted price.

Ladder Exchange is now an annual initiative. HSE and Local Authority visiting staff play a crucial part in the exchange by actively referring dutyholders with unsafe ladders to the exchange to ensure that the ladders are taken out of use.

Ladder Exchange - Key messages

The key messages for this year’s campaign are:
  • Don’t let a dodgy ladder shatter your life - exchange it
  • If it is right to use a ladder then use the right ladder and use it safely.
  • Check your ladder - If you have a ladder which is broken, damaged or bent you can part exchange it for a new one
For more information about ladder exchange please visit http://www.hse.gov.uk/falls/ladderexchange.htm

As in previous years, Good to Go Safety are proud to promote this campaign and the message behind it. If you use ladders within your organisation then the need to regularly inspect them and record your findings can be easily and effectively achieved through the use of our pre-use inspection systems. Simply attach a tag to your ladder and complete the checklist to ensure its safety - a duplicate copy of the completed checklist is retained for your management records and a copy inserted into the tag to clearly inform all potential users of the findings. As a result your employees will instantly know when the ladder is 'good to go' or quarantined if a fault is found. For more information about our range of equipment inspection systems click here. Even if you take advantage of the Initiative and get yourself a new set of ladders, now would be the perfect time to introduce this inspection regime to your ladders (both new and old).

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