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11 Nov 2019

6 New Pre-Use Inspection Posters

Encouraging employees to complete pre-use checks of workplace equipment is both prudent and proactive.

Employees will have been trained on the safe use and maintenance of workplace equipment, but providing them with clear visual ‘reminders’ of their required actions can go a long way to ensuring their training remains at the forefront of their minds. To find out more, watch our video.

Location is key. Your poster should be displayed in a relevant area. For example, our warehouse equipment posters would be best sited at the entrance to the warehouse or by the maintenance area. If the poster is placed in an inappropriate location or is surrounded by other posters and information, the message won’t reach the right people at the right time, or may be overlooked completely.

Places, people, places. In addition to being in a relevant area, a poster also needs to be seen and read. In order to be effective a poster should appear in a high-traffic area that will allow people to stop and see it. A canteen or washroom are good examples of areas with a lot of traffic and that allow people the time to take in the poster.

Stand-alone. When posters are grouped with a lot of other visual displays or if they are left up for too long they lose their effectiveness. A wall of “clutter” often gets overlooked, and anything that’s seen every day blends into the background. It’s a good idea to change your posters at least once a month to keep the messages fresh and to avoid complacency. As we continue to add more posters to our range you’ll be able to regularly switch the equipment poster of choice. The fact our posters are made from synthetic paper means they can be easily rolled up and stored without risk of damage or tearing like most traditional paper posters.

Highlight important safety information. One of the most beneficial and obvious benefits to displaying safety posters is to highlight important safety information. Our posters have been designed to mirror the key component checks to carry out, as found in the Good to Go Safety systems. Providing strong visual posters act as a further reminder to employees to complete their pre-use checks.

Demonstrate your commitment to safety. While it is important to display safety information for obvious reasons, the benefits extend beyond that. Taking the time and effort to display these posters demonstrates your company’s commitment to safety. Through posting signs and posters, it becomes obvious that safety is an important issue and that you are committed to providing protection to anyone that enters your establishment.

To see the full range of pre-use inspection posters click here.

Our new pre-use inspection posters visual reminders for Tractors, Cars, Vans, Fixed Scaffolding, Forklift Work Platforms, Overhead Cranes and Podium Steps. Our full range include pre-use inspection posters for Excavators, Forklifts, Harnesses, Ladders, Scaffold Towers, Pallet Racking, Loader Cranes, Pallet Trucks, MEWP (Boom Lift, Scissor Lift). We also have information stations which include details on how the Good to Go Safety system works whilst providing a central location for all inspection checklists.

21 Oct 2019

TakeAIM shortlisted for THREE Awards

The team at TakeAIM are incredibly proud to announce that we've been shortlisted for 3 awards at this year’s M&E Excellence Awards.

Following on from the success of our multi-award winning Good to Go Safety equipment inspection systems, this January saw us launch a digital version in the form of our TakeAIM app and dashboard.

We're delighted to announce that M&E have recognised us for our hard work, excellent product and continued innovation for Health and Safety. The Maintenance & Engineering's Excellence Awards aim to give recognition to the many exciting developments in their industry sector. The awards ceremony takes place in November where we’ll be sure to let you know how we get on.

The award categories that TakeAIM have been shortlisted for are:

Product Innovation of the Year - This award is for a newly–introduced product for use by maintenance personnel which uses new technology or applies it in a new way and has potential to make a testing, diagnostic, maintenance/repair or monitoring procedure significantly more efficient.

Health and Safety Award - This award will go to a company or team for a campaign that has demonstrated innovative thinking in bringing about a significant reduction in risk to the safety and health of its workforce or the public.

Predictive Maintenance - An award to recognise excellence and innovation in the collection and analysis of data and its use to reduce downtime and failure through effective use of the data for identifying and predicting potential failure.

If you want to know more about the awards click here for more information

To discover how TakeAIM can help improve workplace safety and maintenance please visit and sign up for a free trial.

1 Oct 2019

National Forklift Safety Month - October 2019

Don't have a scare this Halloween. Take Forklift Safety seriously!

Everyone’s familiar with forklift trucks but very little realise exactly how dangerous they are. According to the Forklift Truck Association (FLTA) there are 1,300 forklift accidents each year in the UK, which averages out at five accidents in a single day, and those accidents aren't just scrapes and scratches, they are life-changing injuries involving broken or crushed bones, amputations and in some tragic cases even death.

Both Good to Go Safety and TakeAIM support the Forklift Truck Association (FLTA) in there mission to highlight and create to focus on the appallingly high number of forklift-related accidents and injuries… and to share ways to do something about it.

If you want to get involved click here for more information

Statistics from the HSE show that nearly 25% of workplace transport accidents involve forklift trucks. The majority of these accidents are caused by poor supervision or lack of training. Ensuring staff are properly trained on the use and basic mechanics of a forklift truck ensures they are able to recognise risks and take action before problems occur. Training your staff and / or providing comprehensive information will help your employees familiarise themselves with their forklift truck.

Both Good to Go Safety and TakeAIM help companies not only carry out pre-use inspections of workplace equipment such as Forklift Trucks, but also enables staff to learn from comprehensive guidance notes. Both Good to Go Safety and TakeAIM guide staff through an inspection, highlighting the elements that require inspected and the potential issues that require rectified prior to use. Highlighting these on a daily basis will 1. Ensure your company meets the relevant legislation and industry guidelines. 2. Increase the chance of spotting a fault early, before it deteriorates. 3. Help staff familiarise with their Forklift Truck and so any potential issues will jump out at them easier.

For more information on either the Good to Go Safety System or TakeAIM Systemclick here.

27 Sep 2019

The importance of pre-use inspections on Forklifts, Racking, MEWP, Ladders, Tractors, Excavators, Pallet Trucks and all the rest.

By assuming your workplace equipment (such as Forklifts, Racking, MEWP, Ladders, Tractors, Excavators, Pallet Trucks and all the rest) are safe to use you open your workplace up to the risks of unplanned maintenance and even the worst case scenario of a fatality.

One fine example of the importance of pre-use / daily inspections checklist is that warehouse staff voluntarily informing management that they've hit pallet racking with a forklift, pallet truck, tow tractor or any other manual handling equipment is extremely rare. It’s much more likely that the employee will check for damage on the truck then drive away thinking they have had a lucky escape. It is therefore critical to ensure your warehouse is frequently inspected, to ensure there is no unknown critical damage that could result in a racking collapse.

The same applies with all workplace equipment. Equipment such as Forklifts, Racking, MEWP, Ladders, Tractors, Excavators, Pallet Trucks etc can cause injury/death to employees, damage to goods, cost of temporary storage, downtime, legal/compensation/insurance costs, damaged morale and public image if not properly maintained. Assuming they're safe to use is a lot to gamble.

Forklift Trucks are particularly dangerous in the workplace. They are involved in an average of a quarter of all workplace transport accidents in the UK each year. Approximately ten of those accidents are fatal. Thorough inspections of forklift trucks are required under health and safety laws: LOLER 1998 & PUWER 1998. LOLER covers lifting equipment. PUWER deals items such as brakes, steering and tyres.

Requesting that your employees complete a pre-use inspections checklist of workplace equipment prior to use is not only a smart and responsible policy to enforce, but is also required by law. It provides protection for the company and driver, but it also reinforces strong safety awareness message at management level.

For more information visit:

24 Sep 2019

Can't find the right checklist?

What to do when you can't find the right workplace checklist...

TakeAIM is a paperless system which enables you to create bespoke inspection checklists, this enables you to complete all your workplace inspections on one simple, easy to use APP. Ensuring all your workplace assets are inspected in line with PUWER and Health & Safety policies.

No matter the type of equipment, TakeAIM not only enables you to inspect and manage the asset, it also provides visibility and insights to help reduce maintenance downtime and improve safety.

... use

8 Jul 2019

TakeAIM Update

Learn about the upgrades below
As the TakeAIM system grows in popularity the positive feedback continues to stream in. In addition we've received advice and suggestions to improve the system, and seen some innovative new checklists being created by our customers. It is therefore with great excitement that we're pleased to announce that the TakeAIM team have completed a variety of upgrades not only to the APP and the addition of multiple new checklists but to the Dashboard features too. Click here to see the latest customer feedback and the option to leave your own review.

What's new? The main upgrades include:

A Time stamp of each check within an inspection. This ensures inspections are being completed correctly and improve user performance.

Ability to group multiple sites together under a "Head Office Admin". Enables your companies head office to monitor branch vs branch performances.

Bulk uploads Ability to upload users/checklists by spreadsheet template (csv/excel file). Making it easier and quicker to set up.

More in depth analytics. Enable management to view equipment and inspector performance and trends to help with planning and allocation of resources.

Other upgrades include: 1. Assign users to assets easier. 2. An automatic description appears when creating bespoke checklists - This saves time and is editable. 3. Keep track of your purchase order history 4. Archive messages easily 5. Ability to update admin and inspector details. 6.Update also fixes bugs and errors.
14 May 2019

6 Advantages of Keeping an Equipment Maintenance Record

Industries like construction and industrial manufacturing rely on machinery to generate revenue. Aside from being mere work tools, these pieces of equipment allow these companies to actually make a profit, so maintaining them in good condition can ensure the success of these businesses.

All responsible maintenance plans need to include an equipment maintenance record. Below, we’ll go over some of the advantages that come with keeping organised maintenance records for your equipment.

Why Give Your Equipment Regular Maintenance?
Whether it’s metal forming machinery or cargo trucks, maintaining your fleet is an essential part of delivering the products and services that you profit from. Regularly checking up on your equipment will help you assess their current state and give you a good idea of how well each piece will perform in the near future.

Some additional benefits that come with regular maintenance include:

Extend the Machines’ Usable Lifespan
Cleaning and servicing your machines on a regular basis can reduce the amount of wear and tear they go through. This, in turn, can extend their usable lifespan and ensure their productivity for years to come.

Avoid Unexpected Repairs
Unexpected repairs can amount to thousands of dollars in the blink of an eye. The majority of these expenses occur because of poor maintenance, so you can avoid any nasty surprises by servicing your equipment regularly.

Increase the Chances of Always Meeting Deadlines
Aside from surprise expenses, a broken machine can also halt your production line and compromise your ability to meet upcoming deadlines. By assessing your machine’s condition and keeping it in good shape you’ll ensure you always meet deadlines.

Now that we’ve gone over the benefits of regular maintenance, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of keeping a detailed record of each servicing.

Prevent Unforeseen Expenses
The more machines you have, the harder it is to make a mental note of the date you last serviced them. This can result in unforeseen expenses such as replacement parts, new machinery, and other costs associated with the repair. A detailed log will help you stay up to date with your repairs and avoid costly mistakes down the line.

One potential solution would be the TakeAIM app, which assigns QR codes to workplace equipment to act as a register. When the QR code is scanned, it opens a checklist – allowing pre-use inspections to be completed and ensuring the machinery is safe to operate.

The ability to spot potential issues before they develop into something more costly is of great importance – whilst the ability to spot trends and plan preventative maintenance in advance of a breakdown can save both time and money. Visit TakeAIM to learn more about the app, or check out independent reviews at Capterra and Finance Online.

Enhance Safety for Your Team Members
Material and financial losses are a pain, but having one of your team members injured is much worse as far as operations go. By keeping equipment maintenance records, you can prevent malfunctions and repair old parts before they cause an accident.

Allows for Easy Asset Inventory
Detailed record keeping means that you have to count, categorise, and label each machine. This will come extremely handy when it’s time to make an inventory of your assets.

Identify the Need for New Machinery
All pieces of equipment have a usable lifespan and the best way to assess their health is to inspect them regularly, which can become an easy task if you maintain an organised servicing log. Increase Resale Value

Regular maintenance can increase your equipment’s resale value, which can be a huge factor if you’re thinking about upgrading. Having a maintenance record can help ensure buyers of its condition and allow them to continue on the same schedule.

Create Efficient Maintenance Schedules
Each piece of equipment requires a specific set of steps in order to service it. Some may take a few hours and others can take most of the day, so knowing when your equipment needs servicing will help your team build efficient maintenance schedules that help improve productivity.

Stay Tuned for More Information!
Staying organised and keeping detailed maintenance records will have a great impact on the performance of your equipment. If you want to pick up more tips or learn more about our services, get in touch today and our team will be glad to help.

Author’s Bio
Kym Wallis, the founding director of Higher Ranking has over 15 years of advertising sales, digital strategy, and business development experience. He is currently working as Digital Adviser for PK Simpson.

3 Apr 2019

TakeAIM Ranked #7 in CMMS Category by FinancesOnline Directory

The TakeAIM system was recently reviewed on FinancesOnline, a comparison website helping millions of users compare products, find customer reviews and reports from experts so that business owners can find the best solution to fit their needs.

We were pleasantly surprised to be awarded not one but two awards for our Asset Inspection Monitoring System. Accolades like these confirm that our system is successful. The team at TakeAIM know we have something special so receiving positive feedback further emphasises the growing appreciation of our system.

Within the review, FinancesOnline highlighted the main benefits of using the TakeAIM system. They go into extensive detail regarding the features which they found to be beneficial and the business issues which TakeAIM can resolve. Below you can find several highlights from the review, as well as how they appreciated what TakeAIM is, the benefits it provides to businesses, and the key problems it can solve.

According to the software experts from FinancesOnline, TakeAIM eliminates the need to rummage through stacks of files to check specific information on your equipment, such as its date of repairs or usage history. Whilst the team at TakeAIM were developing our equipment monitoring system, one of our main focus points was the requirement to reduce paper consumption, potential loss of audit trails and the inability to notice recurring trends within paper based systems. The last ten years has changed the way we use technology, it was only right that equipment monitoring followed suit.

As stated by the FinancesOnline review team, TakeAIM helps users neatly organise and manage all records on equipment history on a single platform. We believe that having an extensive record of your equipment can only help ensure its productivity and safety. The ability for management to view an equipment history, whether based on brand, location, equipment type etc ensures that they can not only manage spot recurring issues but also analyse which pieces of equipment are better for their specific business.

Highlighted as one of the top small business maintenance management software systems, TakeAIM’s “seamless and efficient workflows,” from setting repair schedules down to internal communication for smooth collaboration, were highly commended by the software experts. Communication is key in any business, to often we hear of members of staff making note to raise a concern regarding a piece of equipment, however in the rush to get home they forget to relay the information to the next shift worker. TakeAIM ensures complete transparency to all members of staff. The platform / APP implements an automatic communication system once inspections have been completed but also enables manual communication between higher management, administrators, warehouse staff or site workers.

Ensuring that your assets and equipment are not only at peak condition, but also get prolonged service lives is another benefit provided by TakeAIM, stated the FinancesOnline reviewers. There are many benefits of using the TakeAIM system as part of a preventative maintenance regime but we agree with FinancesOnline that maximising the life of equipment is beneficial for all businesses. By implementing regular equipment inspections the chance of spotting a fault early, before it deteriorates further, are greatly increased. Early detection of damaged or faulty equipment can help to prevent accidents and reduce expensive maintenance / new equipment costs.

The FinancesOnline experts believe that many companies today find difficulty in guaranteeing execution of pre-use equipment checks at all times. This is why they were glad to find out that our software allows for check-listing of inspections, complete with notifications for missed inspections. Too often we've heard of workers quickly falsifying equipment inspections when they know management are coming to check over the details. When we were developing TakeAIM the team were determined to solve this very popular issue, we therefore implemented time stamps. Each time a piece of equipment is inspected it records the time the inspection was started/ finished, the date, inspectors name, signature, and equipment status. These details ensure that the inspection has been completed correctly, regularly and the inspector is taking responsibility for the details within the inspection.

According to the FinancesOnline team, one of the key problems TakeAIM is able to solve is ensuring that “ALL” equipment are easily checked. The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1998 impose specific legal duties on companies to provide, inspect, maintain and operate safe work equipment. We wanted to provide a equipment inspection solution which enabled companies to check absolutely anything they wished to, whether that be a Guillotine, Circular Saw, Fire Extinguisher or Combine Harvester, if it's used for work, we wanted TakeAIM to be able to inspect it and monitor the equipment in an easy to use dashboard.

We realise that when you make a decision to buy a Maintenance Management Software - CMMS it’s important not only to see how experts evaluate it in their reviews, but also to find out if the real people and companies that buy it are actually satisfied with the product. That’s why being reviewed by FinancesOnline was so important to us. We wanted their behaviour-based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm™ to gather our customer reviews, comments and TakeAIM reviews across a wide range of social media sites in order to show how many people had positive / negative experience with TakeAIM.

Click here to find out more about TakeAIM or visit FinancesOnline to read the full review of our system.

New equipment inspections available on TakeAIM APP.

The ability for our customers to inspect all workplace equipment was one of our goals when creating the TakeAIM APP. Enabling our customers to have one system to audit, inspect, monitor and maintain ALL workplace equipment, no matter how unique, was a key feature in our quest.

TakeAIM enables us to add new equipment inspections quickly and easily and to all of its customers instantaneously. It also enables you to add any type of equipment type you require.

As the TakeAIM system grows in popularity we've noticed a rise in certain equipment inspections being created, therefore we have added these equipment types to our standard equipment range and amended the inspections based on Health and Safety advice and best practice.

The equipment types we've added include:

The Bench Drill: This type of drill is used for drilling light weight pieces of material. There are many elements that make up a bench drill which can fail, break or shatter. Elements such as the guard should always be securely in place and free from damage. Ensuring employees inspect a Bench Drill prior to use will assure only equipment deemed in good condition is being used and helps aid PUWER compliance.

The Bench Grinder: Depending on the bond and grade of the grinding wheel, the bench grinder may be used for sharpening cutting tools or to roughly shape metal prior to welding or fitting. Ensuring employees inspect the condition of a Bench Grinder prior to use will assure only equipment deemed in good condition is being used and helps aid PUWER compliance.

The Mitre Saw: Also known as a drop saw, is a power tool used to make a quick, accurate crosscut in a work-piece at a selected angle. A poor;y maintained mitre saw can be a severely hazardous tool. Incidents could include electric shocks, fire or personal injury. Ensuring employees inspect a Mitre Saw prior to use will assure only a mitre saw deemed in good condition is used and helps aid PUWER compliance.

In addition we have also added a DSE inspection checklist, enabling you to complete a workstation audit to ensure the set-up is suitable to the person using it. Under the "The Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations, employers must carry out a risk assessment of workstations used by employees to reduce any identified risks. Our latest checklist helps your organisation meet and monitor those obligations.

Click here to find out more

1 Mar 2019

Company fined after worker suffers multiple injuries in fall from height

Construction company sentenced today for safety breaches after a worker fell nearly 3 metres through an open stairwell

A court heard how, on 31 May 2017, Mr Howes, aged 26, was removing a ‘genie lift’ from the forks of a lift truck on the upper floor of the building. Mr Howes stepped backwards and fell through a stairwell opening, sustaining multiple injuries including a fractured spine, a fractured skull and a small collapse of one of his lungs, and was hospitalised for six days. Mr Howes still attends physiotherapy as outpatient and has not yet been able to return to work.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that the risk assessment identified gaps in the floor through which a worker could fall. However, they failed to put in place any measures to either prevent or mitigate the consequences of a fall. Such measures include the use of fixed edge protection systems to prevent falls or the use of fall arrest harnesses to mitigate falls.

The company pleaded guilty to breaching Section 2 (1) of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and was fined £20,000 and ordered to pay £1,020 in costs.

“Falls from height often result in life-changing or fatal injuries. In most cases, these incidents are needless and could be prevented by properly planning the work to ensure that effective preventative and protective measures are in place such as edge protection or barriers built to the correct standard." HSE inspector Jayne Towey

It is virtually impossible to remove all risks from all work situations but managing risks and raising awareness of hazards can go a long way to ensuring employees remain safe whilst on site. At Good to Go Safety we have supplied over 2 million equipment checklists over the years, each one of which could help to spot a fault and prevent a resulting accident form occurring. Historically these checklists have been limited to the most common types of workplace equipment – such as ladders, scaffolding, forklifts etc, but with the launch of our new TakeAIM app we’ve now opened up the possibility to create any checklist from scratch, quickly and easily. This means that companies can even put together their own site survey checklist – identifying if edge protection/barriers are missing, and further strengthening onsite safety procedures. The possibilities are limitless and you can test out the full capabilities of the TakeAIM system with a free 7-day trial >> Click here for more information.

Don’t just take our word for it – read what some of our customers are saying at Capterra and what software reviewers think at FinancesOnline

Story courtesy of: HSE

18 Feb 2019

The Importance of Shift Handovers

Imagine if a fault was found by a member of staff when using an item of workplace equipment. They make a note to raise the concern to the following shift worker, however in the rush to get home they forget to relay the information, resulting in a costly accident.

What if you could ensure all workplace equipment is inspected and the findings of those inspections are instantly available to all members of staff and your maintenance/management team?

Our products encourage pre-use inspections of workplace equipment. The systems we've developed are highly flexible to meet the demands of all industries.

By introducing a visual check of equipment before the start of each shift, it eradicates the assumption that the equipment is safe and has already been checked because it had been used by the previous shift worker. It places a responsibility on every employee to carry out inspections and take some responsibility for their own safety. By carrying out hand-over checks whilst both the incoming and outgoing workers are ‘crossing over’ it further strengthens the opportunity to raise any issues or concerns that may have been noted.

Our tagging and checklist systems can help to improve safety, reduce maintenance costs and comply with PUWER / LOLER obligations.

Click here to find out more

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